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If there was a flower that represents Spring, it is for sure tulips. I remember as a child at my Grandparent‘s house, the whole back yard being full of blooms of many different colors and types of Tulips! They are beautiful, colorful and super easy to arrange in a vase no matter your skill level as a floral designer. Tulips believe it or not did not originate from the Netherlands like I have thought most my life. They actually originate from Iran.

Tulips come in so many colors and varieties. My favorites are red and yellow, but I also love parrot tulips. The Parrot tulip has gorgeous fringed petals with splashes of other colors on the petals.

These flowers also have fun characteristics to them. They are heliotropic, which means the tulips will follow light wherever it may be. Also responding by opening during light and closing when dark. Tulips also continue growing up to an inch or so a day after being cut from the bulb. This is from cells in the tulip stem being very responsive to auxin, a plant hormone that causes the stems to elongate. Always be sure your vase has plenty of water. As the tulips continue to grow they tend to drink lots of water. If you keep tulips in a cooler area of your house they will also last a lot longer than if they were placed in the sun. What is your favorite Tulip, and your memory of them somewhere in your lifetime? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear your stories.

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