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Sympathy and Memorial Flowers.

I have been asked so many times what my favorite floral work is, and honestly I can say sympathy and memorial work.

It is such an honor that someone would trust me to bring their visions to fruition to celebrate the lives of a family member ,friend, co-worker etc...

Most of the time I ask questions like, "Did they have a favorite flower, or color"? "What was their hobby"? These easy questions help me figure out where to begin, and many times I end up knowing the person that had passed and the family almost as if I'd known them for a long time. I also find this is very comforting to those who are ordering. The memories and good times have them feel all of the things, and that's how I know what we came up with is the right arrangement to make just for them.

I can work from a picture someone shows me and try to make it as similar as possible, but my best work has always been doing what the flowers and foliage want to do. I look at the way they bend naturally, and find the precise place that will show that one flower perfectly in the arrangement. I wish there was an easier way to explain it, but I know when I hold up a flower how it should face and what length to cut it at.

The pure joy I get when it is all completed, and I step back and look at it, literally gives me chills every time. I love to take pictures to share with everyone on my social media, and show my family and friends what I created.

So thank you to all of you that trusted me, and helped me create these beautiful visions to turn into even more beautiful floral creations for your loved ones! It has been and will always be an extreme honor.

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