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Some of you know me and some of you haven't met me yet. I feel it's important for my customers to know my story and where my passion comes from. 

To begin with I am a wife and a mother to two boys and one girl. My husband and children are beyond supportive of my dreams. I am lucky enough to have my husband working right next door and the kids love to come in and help out when they can! Owning my business scares me at times, but to have my children see me in my happiest of moments makes it all so worth it. I believe if you put your heart and soul into anything, you can make your dreams come true! 

I have always loved flowers. I think my true passion came from growing up with a Grandmother and Mother that had the most beautiful gardens. Many countless hours were spent with them nurturing what nature has given us, these beautiful floral and plant species. I may not exactly have their green thumbs, but I can take the product of Earth and make it a blissful gift for so many to enjoy. It had become a deep passion of mine to be a floral designer. I am the happiest making as many other people happy every day as I can.  I was always told in school that I was very creative, and to use that creativity to make beautiful things others can use and enjoy. Again, I believe the artistic side comes from my Mom. She always made gifts for my sister and me as children that we still have to this day. Thus bringing us to the Boutique side of things. I create jewelry, hair clips and have found a new love in reinventing and repurposing furniture and antique items.  

My niche is really in the floral area. It's where my heart is happiest.

I love customizing any floral order I get. For weddings, it can go from the couple's favorite colors to something included that reminds them of their very first date or something they do together all of the time. A great example was a wedding that I did for a couple that shot skeet together. We used the empty shotgun shells as the boutonnière holders and also in her bouquet as an accent.  Another area of floral design that I truly love doing is funeral flowers. Although I am always sad for the family and friends of the deceased, I love making tribute type arrangements that no one could have ever imagined! I have used plumbing tools and pipes in an arrangement for a master plumber, to a Pizza Box from a pizzeria that had been that person's passion and business for many years. No idea is crazy or impossible. Something can always be created to honor your loved ones, so when you look at that piece of floral art you know exactly who it is for!

What can I create for you?

My heart is fulfilled when I see the gratitude on the faces of my many customers with their personalized hand-arranged floral bouquet to handcrafted items. And I can't thank each and every one of you for your continued support of my business. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ Kristi


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